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Biotechnology is a technology that involves the use of living organisms for a specific purpose.Biotechnology can be defined as the controlled and deliberate manipulation of biological systems (whether living cells or cell components) for the efficient manufacture or processing of useful products. The fact that living organisms have evolved such an enormous spectrum of biological capabilities means that by choosing appropriate organisms it is possible to obtain a wide variety of substances, many of which are useful to man as food, fuel and medicines.


• To Teach, train and graduate qualified skilled students in many disciplines of Biotechnology.

• Develop, implement and evaluate the curriculum of biotechnology program with a strong commitment to be aligned and comply with the standards of the quality assurance.

• Promote a supportive learning environment for life through implementing continuous learning programs.

• Apply the general principles and standards of technology transfer and ensure adequate training of our personnel in modern biotechnology.


Biotechnology Department was established in 2003 in this college. The new biochemistry department and Lab was situated in Dr. Hargovindsingh Khorana block in college.We teach both theory and practical aspects so that students can develop the research skills they need to pursue their careers and interests.