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1) Such type of teaching is being given to students, that they would be eligible to get the job in different departments like Forest Department, Education Department, Pharmacy Sector, Industries, etc.

2) Apart from Botany Courses, other co-curricular activities are making to students to gain knowledge of Nursery techniques, Terrace-Gardening, Kitchen-Gardening, Organic Farming, Vermi compost, Manure compost, Waste management and Clean & Green Environment etc.

3) The goal of Botany course is to give the information about the plants so that students could understand the importance of plants, to save Earth.

About Us

Botany department has been running since 1982 in the college. At present there are two permanent faculty members, one lab technician and one lab attendant, working in the department. 63 students of Bio-Plain and 30 students of Bio-Tech with Botany has been taken admission in year 2018 beside teaching at UG level, department has been organizing various co-curricular activities, which aids teaching like conducting lecture series, educational tour at other colleges, nurseries, at college campus, plannery garden and Botany garden has been developing in the college campus by Botany Department with the help of college administration level.