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Career & Placement Cell

One of the chief objectives of the institute is to impart job oriented education. The institute has been actively promoting various activities and programmes. These programmes are organized by the ‘Career Guidance Cell, which has been working consistently to motivate and guide the students to choose the career of their interest. The ‘career Guidance Cell’ under the supervision of Dr. Saroj Kothari (Convener) conducts a number of programmes, lectures and workshops to provide academic, professional and psychological counseling to the studetns. These programs are organized with the motive to provide opportunities to girls students, especially coming from the under privileged class of society, so as to make them self sufficient, independent, to develop their personality and their communication skills. The career cell also helps them in developing their entrepreneurial skills Career fairs are organized by the cell to provide job opportunities to the students.

Career Cell 2018-19

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Student benefitted by career guidance and counseling

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