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The course aims at providing the student with the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to Tala in Indian Dance. As such, the course has both theory and practical components. The course is executed through lecturers, lecture-cum-demonstrations, workshops and practical exercises.


• To expose the students of dance in managing / dealing with the music component of dance performance in which they are involved as either a Performer/Choreographer or Nattuvanar.

• To help them get the music composed for their dance performance according to their design/vision by collaborating knowledgably with the music composer.

• To help the students perform/choreograph a dance properly appreciating, understanding, experiencing and responding to the music used for it.

• The course consists of both theory and practical. Theory component includes the knowledge of concepts. The practical component includes listening, reporting / appreciating / criticizing / reviewing music related to dance.


The mission of Department of Dance is to present, promote and strengthen the Kathak dance culture of India through creation, preservation and sponsorship of the artistic and cultural endeav¬ors. We believe in the fundamental elements of tradition, innovaiton, education, access and commu¬nity.