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• The Development of Critical Thinking Skills and the Accumulation of Factual Knowledge.

• Application of Critical Thinking to Factual Knowledge and the Development of Effective Decision Making Skills.

• The Development of an Understanding of Micro and Macroeconomic Theory and Their Application to the Economic Sub-fields.

• The Development of an Understanding of Basic Statistics, Econometrics and Regression Analysis and Their Application in Applied Research.

• Offering a Diverse Selection of Courses to Foster a Broad Knowledge Base in the Field.

• Provide Strong Foundation Courses (Micro and Macro) for Non-majors.


The goal of department of economics is to provide students with the theoretical and empirical foundations with which to understand economic arguments and address current economic issues. Keeping in mind the huge requirements of trained quantitative economists in the job market we intend to strengthen the quantitative focus of our courses. We also want to play a role in the future towards economic policy making in India and thus our department focus will be highly quantitative and aligned with the current advances in the field.