Logo Govt. Maharani Laxmi Bai Girls P.G. College, Indore



Established in: 1982-83

Names of courses offered: U.G. and P.G.

In 2008-09 and 2009-10, both annual system and semester system were followed. Annual system in under graduate degree course is revived again from 2017-18


• Students can learn how govt. works and how to develop policy, conduct research, and analyse data.

• Students can pursue career as Political Scientist, lobbyist, public relation specialist.

• A degree in Political Science can also help in finding a profession globally, for example working in an embassy or consulate etc.

• Political Science degree prepares students for many forms of employment as well as further studies. Students gain analytical and practical skills including the ability to conduct research, oral and written communication etc., all of which are extremely important in the employment market.

• The Students of Indian Constitution and Public Administration is useful in passing the competitive examination held by P.S.C. U.P.S.C. etc.

• The knowledge of Political Science is useful in teaching Social Studies in School.

• It can be used in teaching Political Science in 11th and 12th standard and also at college level.

• It is useful in making student a good citizen.

• The knowledge of Political Science is helpful in the work of lawyers, journalists, election analysis and Political Advisers.

• Political Science is also useful for the persons working in foreign service.

• The study of Political Science is essential for persons working as announcers on Radio Station and Television as they have to conduct political discussions.


We prepare undergraduates for career building employment and or graduate study through a curriculum which includes many courses based on innovative experiential learning approaches. We offer extended experiential learning opportunities to our students via our system‐renowned internship program, collaborative research opportunities with department faculty, and our multiple co‐curricular organizations which offer varied hands‐on experiences such as college level Model United Nations and Maryland Student Legislature. The department is also integrally involved in the administration of the Washington Model Organization of American States which serves students throughout the hemisphere. These mutually reinforcing opportunities inside and outside of the classroom provide students with important skill sets such as negotiation, analytical thinking, and effective verbal and written communication.


The Political Science Department will create a climate on campus and in the greater community that promotes tolerance and acceptance of differing viewpoints on matters political and social. We will foster civic mindedness and civic responsibility.. We will continue to explore emerging issues in pedagogy that make for a more productive learning environment. Using a value‐added approach to education and learning, we will contribute to the future success of our students by helping them to develop skill sets that will make them competitive in the employment market, inclined to being active in the political arena, and committed to life‐long learning experiences. The department is also committed to the process of developing, refining, and implementing an active assessment process that provides us with information and insight into how to improve our educational and co‐curricular offerings.