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Students will demonstrate acquisition of both factual knowledge and the ability to conceptualize and apply this knowledge to their own behavior, to ways of interacting with others, and to their roles in culture and society.

(1) Learning will be demonstrated by performance on multiple quizzes, tests, and exams that cover the basic issues in Psychology: methodology, neuroscience, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, thinking, language, intelligence, motivation and emotion, sexuality, gender and diversity, development, personality, stress and health, disorders, treatments, and social considerations.

(2) Students will demonstrate their abilities to apply what they have learned regarding the basic issues in Psychology (see above) to factual, practical, theoretical, and philosophical issues by participating in lectures using student response devices.


The Department of Psychology is committed to the discovery of knowledge about mind, brain, and behavior, and to sharing that knowledge and the research processes that produce it with our students and our community. The department integrates undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service activities to advance the overall mission of the university.