Logo Govt. Maharani Laxmi Bai Girls P.G. College, Indore



1. To enhance standard of vocal music.

2. To arise the learning interest and area in instrumental learning.

3. To raise standards of music appreciation.

4. To develop the students’ mental power inner hearing, musical memory and recognition.

5. To encourage students to use music to communicate with their classmates as other kind of communication media.

6. To expose students to music of different culture. Students will be able to identify and distinguish the instruments of an orchestra as well we as the special musical elements that characterize the music.

7. To stimulate students interest in learning more musical knowledge and knowledge of other subjects as well through subject integration.

8. To enhance students’ creativity through learning music composing.


Promote the highest levels of human aspiration and artistic integrity through the composition, documentation, and performance of music. Develop an analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language.